Hollister, California 50th Anniversary Motorcycle Rally Poster

This is something different for a change. It’s a picture from the 50th Anniversary of the Hollister Motorcycle Rally in Hollister, California. My husband has recently started a store at Zazzle showing some of them. This is a rare 50th Anniversary Hollister Motorcycle Rally photograph from 1997 in Hollister, California.

This motorcycle rally is an annual event that is based on an actual incident that took place in Hollister in 1947 and later a movie was made from this incident called “The Wild One”.

The movie starred Marlon Brando, who played the leader of a young and boisterous motorcycle gang called the Black Rebels Motorcycle Club. They had a street party in the middle of this small rural town and disrupted everyone.

Since the town of Hollister, California was the center of this incident, the citizens decided to hold annual motorcycle rallys during the 4th of July weekend. But these rallies have since diminished, if not completely dissolved. That has not kept bikers from enjoying their weekends in Hollister, California during the 4th of July.


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