Hawaiian Gold Shower Tree by Lorrie Morrison

Hawaiian Gold Shower Tree by Lorrie Morrison

Hawaiian Gold Shower Tree by Lorrie Morrison

The Gold Shower trees of the Hawaiian islands are in full bloom this summer. The Rainbow Shower trees are equally beautiful with their bursts of pink shades along the avenues and in the yards.

Since we travel by bus most of the time, we have talked to many Hawaiians about the islands. One of the most interesting things we have heard is that the islands are in full bloom this year unlike previous other years. In fact, we were told Hawaiians were getting worried about the flowers! The trees were not at their best in years until now. 

This year came with great surprise to see the trees come back into full bloom adding much decorative beauty to the islands. Hawaii is known as the flower islands for a good reason!

Honolulu Twilight

Honolulu Twilight by Lorrie Morrison

Honolulu Twilight ~ Photography by Lorrie Morrison

The mood in Hawaii is relaxing. No matter where you go you will always be met with beautiful scenery and gracious Hawaiian people. When you are at Waikiki Beach, you can’t go home until you have watched the sun go down. No matter where you are on the island you have to watch the beautiful sunsets. This particular one is on Waikiki Beach at twilight. The surfers sit and watch the sun go down while they wait for the next wave. The waves are very calm in this area of the bay. It’s perfect for someone who wants to learn to surf to start out in this place. Farther south, Diamond Head is waiting for our visit.  That area is THE place for windsurfing. But that will be for another day on my photography travels…  meanwhile, I’ll be relaxing over here!

Kualoa Beach in Oahu

Kualoa Beach Park by Lorrie Morrison

Kualoa Beach Park by Lorrie Morrison

Kualoa Beach Park in Oahu, Hawaii. This area was considered sacred by the ancient Hawaiians as whalebones used to wash up on the beach. Now it is frequently used as a filming location for scenes in the tv show “Lost”, and many other film scenes, such as some for the movie  “Jurassic Park”.