Artful Inspiration

I’ve always loved art in many forms. In photography, capturing the light and color of the nearby coastal sunsets and the inland rolling hillsides can be challenging. I like to find the nuance of light shining on the ocean water at twilight. But something just as fun is finding artful beauty in the small corners of one’s own backyard!

The garden looks different as the light changes during the day. Depending on the color of the flower and the time of day, sometimes the scene will take on a glow of its own! Digital art filter brushes are a great way to “decorate” some of my floral pictures expanding the idea of inspiring garden glow. I started out using flowers as my subjects because they are already so colorful and pretty. Many times I purposely make a flower glow with a fantasy type style just because it gives such a cheerful appearance.

Beauty can be found in many areas, not just in my backyard in my flower garden. Beauty can come from light shining at different times of the day on the hillsides, or something as small as the shadows on a doorstep. We can see beauty if we want to because it’s always there. It’s all in the way we perceive it.

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