Mission San Carlos Borromeo del Rio Carmelo

The San Carlos Borroméo del Rio Carmelo Mission was founded at its present site in 1771 by Father Junipero Serra and was once the headquarters for the entire California mission system. For over 227 years, this mission has drawn many visitors and artists; and may be the most frequently described structure in California, whether it be with art or words. Many artists have drawn, photographed, painted, and carved it’s image. It’s location was selected by Father Serra in a magnificent area on the central California coast.

This photograph was one of twenty pictures that won a regional art contest at ArtistRising.com . It depicts the front side of the church at the mission.

Church Door at Mission San Carlos





Garden Paint

Inspire someone to take up a creative hobby. It helps the mind focus on things that are important. One of those important things is the well-being of your mind and body. In the difficult times of your life, it’s very important to concentrate on your positive ideas and make them happen. This is a picture I made when I was experimenting and learning how to use Photoshop. I was also experimenting with the digital camera. I take a camera with me everywhere.

The light shines on the garden in various ways during the day. When I noticed that, I decided I needed to try and capture that look… that feeling. One thing leads to another and I started making a website. It all took a while to learn how to do all this. I read and practiced many days a week.

Now it’s part of me and I can’t picture myself ever quitting!

Garden Paint

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Children’s Holiday Dinner Olives

During my childhood years living in Los Angeles, we spent many holidays at our Grandma’s house for dinner. I always remember the holiday dinners when we children put olives on our fingers for fun, as we ate. I remembered this last holiday as our grown adult son and daughter still remembered putting olives on their fingers at a holiday dinner when they were little. The tradition had been passed on…

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Children’s Holiday Dinner Olives
Art Print by Lorrie Morrison