A Jewel on the Horizon by Lorrie Morrison

I photographed this scenic view one year along the coast of Pismo Beach, California.


Moonstone Beach

California Coast at Pismo Beach

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A Jewel On the Horizon
Lorrie Morrison
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This is a tranquil evening scene at Pismo Beach along the California coast at sunset.

Moonstone Beach Poster

A sunset, through the Cypress trees, at Moonstone Beach in Cambria, California along the coastline.

Golden Coastal Sunset by Lorrie Morrison

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“Golden Coastal Sunset” Photography Print by Lorrie Morrison

Along the rocky shorelines of the central coast of California are spectacular twilights and sunset scenes. Cypress trees line the coastal shores while the sun sets behind the horizon. There is a brief time when the sun is almost down and darkness sets in. This is a time when colors reflect and float along the water and through the trees.

Lorrie Morrison Portfolio

Lorrie Morrison Portfolio

Scenic California Coast

The Lone Cypress Tree Photography by Lorrie Morrison

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