Lorrie Morrison Art Gifts for the Holidays

"Lost in the Rainforest" by Lorrie Morrison

Lorrie Morrison’s Art Photography Portfolio is located at ArtistRising art gallery, an affiliation of Art.com Inc., where my pictures can be viewed and purchased. Some of my artwork has been chosen to be listed at AllPosters.com and Art.com . They sometimes add a new piece from my collection every once in awhile.

I strive to find scenery that brings inspiration and charming beauty from the coast and countryside of California. Recently my husband and I lived in Oahu for several months and I was lucky to bring back some lovely photography scenes. My pictures feature the light and colors of the central coast beaches of California to the inland countryside of the golden coastal ranges.

All the art and photography is printed on excellent quality photographic papers with vibrant inks and purchased as decorative wall art to brighten your home or office or buy as a gift. All the art stores with my art have excellent printing and delivery services.

Quality posters and art prints are also sold at all my Zazzle stores.

Browse my charming flower world at Garden Glo Flower Art. It’s a great place to buy customizable gifts on a variety of products such as cards, postage, poster prints, necklaces, keychains, stationery, and much much more!

Collage Montage fairy tale posters are made from popular vintage artist illustration paintings from the Golden Age of Illustration. These artists borrowed from the fairy worlds of the Victorian era and the Oriental styles of the Far East to create beautiful fantasy art styles illustrating many fairy tales of the period.

You can find Victorian Era wallpaper patterns at Weeping Cherry Lane. These beautiful ornate patterns are available on mousepads, mugs, cards, and postage. Browse my Elegant Art Nouveau store where I’m adding new designs all the time. Another beautiful store to browse is Fine Art Flowers, a lovely collection of masterpiece art reproductions on posters, cards, postage, and more.

Stop by the Sleepy Town Schoolhouse where you will find vintage images from the Old West when the pioneering spirit drove people Westward.

Royal Poinciana Flowering Tree


The nickname for this tree is the “Flamboyant Red Flowering Tree”. This one was found in the inner city of Honolulu decorating the beautiful city landscapes. The Hawaiian islands are the “flower” islands because of their beautiful flowering trees and tropical plants. The summer of 2009 was a great year for Hawaiian flowers as this season they bloomed exceptionally well and in abundance.

Artful Colorful Rose

Artful Colorful Rose Digital Art Print by Lorrie Morrison

Artful Colorful Rose Digital Art Print by Lorrie Morrison

Very colorful floral decorative art created using my original rose photograph and processed in Photoshop. These colors are already within the rose petals. I didn’t add any color, but I brought out the colors that are already there but not seen, by manipulating the light. It gives a very happy and cheerful effect.