Happy Butterfly Trails by Lorrie Morrison

Happy Butterfly Trails by Lorrie Morrison

“Happy Butterfly Trails” by Lorrie Morrison

This is my original rose photograph taken a couple of years ago. I added several layers of textures and paint effects.  Then I added the butterflies and their trails.  Butterflies fly over the garden flowers every spring, so it wasn’t very difficult to imagine little butterfly trails following them fluttering from one flower to another. The colors in this picture are quite vibrant and cheerful.

2 thoughts on “Happy Butterfly Trails by Lorrie Morrison

  1. gardengloflowerart says:

    Shirley~ Hi again~ I do a lot of photo art plus photography. I use my original photographs and “decorate” them, as my sister says. Photoshop 7 is what I use. It took me a long while to learn how to use it. It can seem complicated, especially at first. But I would say don’t let it overwhelm you. Do a little at a time. As time goes by it will make more sense. Just don’t give up on it. Photoshop has many options compared to other software and there are a lot of tutorials on the internet.

    I still don’t know all there is to know about Photoshop because it is huge. But I love all the filter brushes and texture tools, etc.

    Very happy you like the butterflies! Thank you!


  2. Shirley Buxton says:

    I have done very little manipulating of my pictures; just what has been available on iphoto on my Mac–sharpening, increasing the saturation and such. Last week I bought Photoshop Elements and am eager to get into this a bit more. The butterflies are charming…such a great idea.

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