Botanical Butterflies Flora and Plants Throw Pillows

Original collage with botanical butterflies landed on branches with a detailed fabric-like flora and plant pattern background in violet and purple colors.

Purple Butterflies iPhone Case

Featuring a collage I made with a purple butterfly illustration and a pattern background that has a look of sheer fabric. Completely unique and popular design for your new iPhone 6 Plus case!

Purple Butterflies by American Mojo Pillows

Purple Butterflies on a Branch American MoJo Pillo throwpillow
Purple Butterflies on a Branch American MoJo Pillo by LorrieM
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Featuring a digital collage with a vintage butterfly illustration overlaying a floral fabric background. I added a twist of purple color.

Happy Butterfly Trails by Lorrie Morrison

Happy Butterfly Trails by Lorrie Morrison

“Happy Butterfly Trails” by Lorrie Morrison

This is my original rose photograph taken a couple of years ago. I added several layers of textures and paint effects.  Then I added the butterflies and their trails.  Butterflies fly over the garden flowers every spring, so it wasn’t very difficult to imagine little butterfly trails following them fluttering from one flower to another. The colors in this picture are quite vibrant and cheerful.

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