French Wine Grapevine Vintage Advertisement Pillows

Featuring a vintage French wine grapevine advertisement with fancy typography and a beautiful swan in the blue background.

Purple Butterflies by American Mojo Pillows

Purple Butterflies on a Branch American MoJo Pillo throwpillow
Purple Butterflies on a Branch American MoJo Pillo by LorrieM
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Featuring a digital collage with a vintage butterfly illustration overlaying a floral fabric background. I added a twist of purple color.

Dancing Girl Vintage Collage by Lorrie Morrison

I created this picture using vintage images. It features a vintage ballerina overlayed with sheet music from a bygone era. I hope you like it.

Floral Arrangement

Floral Arrangement by Lorrie Morrison

Floral Arrangement by Lorrie Morrison

Floral style digital collage made with my original photographs and vintage fabric image. Just click on the image and you will arrive at my Imagekind art gallery.

Fairy Tale Castle Queen by Lorrie Morrison

Fairy Tale Castle Queen

This is available at as a Giclee print. The Giclee printing process delivers a fine stream of ink resulting in vivid, pure color and exceptional detail that is suitable for museum or gallery display. This art print is produced on a heavy 310 gsm, acid-free and watercolor textured paper. Also available as a print or framed.

In honor of Mother’s Day, I’m posting a digital collage I created, while remembering my mom read to me as a child. She read many fairy tales to me out loud at first.

As a kid, it’s great to have some time with your parent, whether they are your mom or dad, to read out loud. Reading out loud to your child helps them understand the sounds in language. This helps them learn how words are spelled and sounded out. Reading out loud, pausing to ask the child what the letters are, reading with expression, all help a child learn to read and become interested in reading.

Always put reading first in your child’s life. Allow them to see you writing and they will become interested too. Learning to read, and look forward to reading, is the first step in doing well at school.

When I think of my Mom, I always think about how she marked an interest in reading for me as a child. This interest stayed with me for life.

Castle in the Air Digital Collage by Lorrie Morrison

Castle in the Air by Lorrie Morrison

Castle in the Air by Lorrie Morrison

Vintage mixed media digital collage made from a vintage castle illustration of unknown origin. The border has a stone wall effect with green foliage around the edges.

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