Golden Sunset Roses Canvas Print

Golden Sunset Roses Wrapped Canvas zazzle_wrappedcanvas
Golden Sunset Roses Wrapped Canvas by LorrieMorrisonArt
I love the golden color of this rose.


Hawaiian Plumeria Wedding Invitation

Hawaiian Plumeria Wedding Invitation zazzle_invitation
Hawaiian Plumeria Wedding Invitation by HawaiianParadise

This invitation created for 5.25″ x 5.25″ paperstock.
Make personalized announcements and invitations for every occasion.
5.25″ x 5.25″ invitation envelopes require additional postage. Check with your local post office or to determine the amount of additional postage required.

Colorful Rainbow Rose

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Artful Colorful Rose
Lorrie Morrison
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Yes, there are really roses called “Rainbow Rose” but this isn’t one! I made this with a photograph and digital art. It continues to be one of my more popular prints.

Bright Pink Peony Flower

In the evening a pink peony begins to close it’s petals. As the day begins, its petals unfurl.

Save the Date Wedding Tulips

A special “Save the Date” wedding date announcement decorated in colorful spring tulip pastel colors.

Flamboyant Red Flowering Tree Photographic Print by Lorrie Morrison

Flamboyant Red Flowering Tree

Flamboyant Red Flowering Tree by Lorrie Morrison

Escapism is the word that comes to mind when I see this beautiful red flowering tree whose official name is Royal Poinciana. The red color of the flowers against the green leaves automatically puts one in a good mood when viewing it! I then transport myself back in time thinking of when I found these beautiful trees while walking along the sidewalks of the City of Honolulu. The deep red of the blooms next to the Rainbow and Gold Shower trees made a magnificent landscape. Some of these trees are located over by Waikiki Beach also. They dotted the park lawns like giant red umbrellas majestically giving us shelter when a sudden misty shower came along.

These trees are also located in other warmer parts of our country like Florida and Southern California, to name a few. But Hawaii is the first place I’ve ever seen them and I will always think of those tropical islands when I look at this picture. Together, with other colorful flowering trees in the islands, they made a stunning picture!



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