Botanical Butterflies Flora and Plants Throw Pillows

Original collage with botanical butterflies landed on branches with a detailed fabric-like flora and plant pattern background in violet and purple colors.

Flower Glow Impressionism American Mojo Throw Pillow

“Agapanthus” flowers was painted by French impressionism painter, Claude Monet, c. 1914-1917.

Water Lily in Pastel American Mojo Pillow

Water Lily Pond in Pastel American MoJo Pillows mojo_throwpillow
Water Lily Pond in Pastel American MoJo Pillows by monetart

“Water Lilies” is an oil painting created by French Impressionism artist, Claude Monet, in 1914. It is one of his many water lily paintings from his home and garden pond in Giverny, France. This one was painted with pastel blue, green, and yellow colors.

Colorful Rainbow Rose

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Artful Colorful Rose
Lorrie Morrison
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Yes, there are really roses called “Rainbow Rose” but this isn’t one! I made this with a photograph and digital art. It continues to be one of my more popular prints.

Tulip Glimmer Print

Tulip Glimmer Print print
Tulip Glimmer Print by tulipflowers

Tulips glimmer with colors!

Elegant Dahlias Postage

Elegant Dahlias Postage stamp
Elegant Dahlias Postage by LorrieM

This is a great stamp for a special occasion like a wedding or anniversary. I photographed a beautiful Dahlia garden at the Golden Gate Park in San Francisco a month ago. I was there just in time to see a large garden of a variety of Dahlias in full colorful bloom.

This stamp has a light lavendar shade with cut-out Dahlias in the foreground. This is a small size showing but it can be customized by you in medium and large size too.

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