Golden Fairy Tale Illustrations

Do you like the enchantment of fairy tales? 


Beautiful and enchanting fairy tale illustration poster prints are for sale at my Collage Montage art store.  These gorgeous illustrations were painted by a group of creative  artists from the “Golden Age of Illustration” between the late 1800’s and into the early 1900’s. There was a period of time when demand was high for beautiful and lavishly illustrated children’s fairy tale books and novels. A group of artists became well known during this period because their atistic style was rich with color from the Orient combined with the fantasy of the fairy woods from the Victorian Era.

Take a look and browse around to see which Princesses and Maidens have been added to my art store at  Collage Montage.


Fairy Singing to Baby by Warwick Goble Poster print
Fairy Singing to Baby by Warwick Goble Poster by CollageMontage
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Happy Butterfly Trails by Lorrie Morrison

Happy Butterfly Trails by Lorrie Morrison

“Happy Butterfly Trails” by Lorrie Morrison

This is my original rose photograph taken a couple of years ago. I added several layers of textures and paint effects.  Then I added the butterflies and their trails.  Butterflies fly over the garden flowers every spring, so it wasn’t very difficult to imagine little butterfly trails following them fluttering from one flower to another. The colors in this picture are quite vibrant and cheerful.