Happy Butterfly Trails by Lorrie Morrison

Happy Butterfly Trails by Lorrie Morrison

“Happy Butterfly Trails” by Lorrie Morrison

This is my original rose photograph taken a couple of years ago. I added several layers of textures and paint effects.  Then I added the butterflies and their trails.  Butterflies fly over the garden flowers every spring, so it wasn’t very difficult to imagine little butterfly trails following them fluttering from one flower to another. The colors in this picture are quite vibrant and cheerful.


A New Path to Progress

A Path to Progress

Recently I’ve noticed there are people who are asking if we’ve had enough of hope by now. They are saying hope does nothing to help our President move the country forward. In fact, some even say, hope is not what we need to make it all better; that we are being unrealistic by having hope. I might say that is considered hopeless thinking.

Americans have had hope since they came across the ocean from England as pilgrims.  They braved a huge ocean to come to an unknown land and all they had was hope. Then they braved a huge wide-open country to ride in covered wagons across the dangerous wilderness to settle the West. They brought their hope along with them. Since then they’ve invented things, built things, and come up with huge ideas, all because they had the hope it would work.

Humans are the only creatures who know how to hope! Have you heard of a rabbit that has hope, or a cat?

We’re facing times of change now. Change is needed in many directions for the United States, the world, and the environment. The art world has always been expressive of these, sometimes painful, changes in our society. I prefer to think we will always have hope to succeed in life. Without that we have nothing.

A path to progress is one of hope, planning, staying on track, and moving forward.

Celebration Photographic Print by Lorrie Morrison

When Spring arrives, our flowering cherry tree has white and pinkish blossoms that seem to illuminate the yard in the sunlight.  The blossoms hang like little Japanese lanterns in a soft glow along the branches. It becomes a celebration when Spring arrives and the Easter holiday begins.

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Celebration by Lorrie Morrison

Garden Paint

Inspire someone to take up a creative hobby. It helps the mind focus on things that are important. One of those important things is the well-being of your mind and body. In the difficult times of your life, it’s very important to concentrate on your positive ideas and make them happen. This is a picture I made when I was experimenting and learning how to use Photoshop. I was also experimenting with the digital camera. I take a camera with me everywhere.

The light shines on the garden in various ways during the day. When I noticed that, I decided I needed to try and capture that look… that feeling. One thing leads to another and I started making a website. It all took a while to learn how to do all this. I read and practiced many days a week.

Now it’s part of me and I can’t picture myself ever quitting!

Garden Paint

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Camellias in Spring

The camellias have bloomed now after their buds weathered the late winter March rains here in inland California coastal range area. They add soft color to the garden with their beautiful sturdy blooms.

Splashing Cannery Row in Monterey California!

 “A Cannery Row Autumn” ~ photographic print by Lorrie Morrison

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This is a small section of the coastline along Cannery Row in Monterey, California. This is the area that was made popular by the famous writer John Steinbeck. You may know some of his books called “The Grapes of Wrath” and “Cannery Row”. This area is where captains of ships would stop on their way to San Francisco, one of the many areas where a mission was placed by Father Serra. Many people from other countries laboriously worked in the canneries and sardine  factories along the Cannery Row.


It was full of colorful characters in those days… and still is for that matter! The canneries are still there standing empty. Most were made into restaurants or hotels where many tourists are attracted to eat and stay. Farther down the road is Fisherman’s Wharf where all the fish were caught and brought in for the canneries. But those were days long ago.


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